18-23 April 2022
Pacific/Tahiti timezone


Fare Natura – An ecomuseum in Moorea

As early as 2007, the idea of an educational cultural center in Moorea in Opunohu Bay had been raised by Serges Planes, then Director of CRIOBE. Te mana o te moana and in particular its founder, Dr. Cécile Gaspar, had been asked to think about the themes to be covered. A first summary document was then written by Cécile Gaspar, Vie Stabile and Matthieu Petit.

Under the leadership of Serges Planes, this idea became a reality.

Sophie and Jacques Rougerie, winners of the international competition launched for its creation, designed the Fare Natura building, an original form in an architecture inspired by the Polynesian marine and plant environment. Combining tradition and modernity, this ecomuseum is based on the concept of interaction and fusion between land and sea with an architectural form representing the double symbolism of the traveller’s tree and the shell.

Since 2015, Te mana o te moana has been involved in the development of its scenographic content, in partnership with CapSciences then Arc en Scène, and with the invaluable help of Cécile Berthe.

More at: https://www.temanaotemoana.org/fare-natura-an-ecomuseum-in-moorea/

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/MR4muR8w4qRj1BAv8

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