57th Karpacz Winter School of Theoretical Physics and PHAROS COST Action CA16214 Training School – "Equation of state of dense matter and multimessenger astronomy"

Artus Hotel

Artus Hotel

Wilcza 9, 58-540 Karpacz
Sebastiano Bernuzzi (University of Jena) , David Blaschke (chair) (University of Wroclaw) , Tobias Fischer (University of Wroclaw) , Armen Sedrakian (University of Wroclaw) , Laura Tolos , Ludwik Turko (University of Wroclaw)

This PHAROS COST Action CA16214 training school is held jointly with the 57th edition of the Karpacz Winter School of Theoretical Physics. The event is organized by the Institute of Theoretical Physics at the University of Wroclaw, Poland. The meeting takes place in the light of the very first observation of the gravitational wave signals GW170817, GW190425 and GW190814, as well as the pioneering NICER results.


  • Equation of state for astrophysical applications
  • Multi-messenger astronomy
  • Numerical modeling

The goal of this Winter School is to educate the next generation of young scientists in the field of nuclear astrophysics and related topics. The scientific tools and methods, which are the focus of this training school, are at the current frontier of this truly interdisciplinary field of research.

The school is composed of a series of lectures and traineeships. The latter involve computer practice. Therfore, it is required to bring laptops with the appropriate software, which will be announced later. The trainees will work together with the lectureres on scientific problems, familiarize with modern numerical methods and implementations as well as numerical solutions. They will collect, analyze and fit as well as familiarize with the handling of big data.


The activities of this school are particularly related to trainees associated with the WG1 and WG3 (equation of state and gravitational waves) of the PHAROS COST Action. We target up to 25 ECIs (early career investigators), i.e. Ph.D. students and young post-docs up to 8-years after Ph.D. – PHAROS will cover all costs for the approved participants. The selection of the candidates will be done in two steps:

  1. Registration on this site, providing data on affiliation and a letter of recommendation from the Ph.D. advisor or equivalent senior scientist. 
  2. After selection by the organizers, the proposed candidates are submitted to PHAROS for final approval.

NOTE: It is requested from the approved candidates to participate the entire period of the training school, otherwise COST support will be cancelled.


The top priority is to protect the health of our participants and the Artus Hotel staff and to avoid infections, especially with the viruses COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2. For this purpose, a comprehensive and detailed hygiene concept was developed and approved by the responsible authority. Our specially trained, experienced team is at your side with competence and commitment to effectively implement the health and hygiene measures at the 57. Karpacz Winter School. The most important cornerstones are:

  • Keeping the distance: minimum distance of 1.50 m from person to person
  • Compliance with the hygiene rules
  • Contact person traceability




  • Adriana Raduta
  • Alexander Ayriyan
  • Alexander Clevinger
  • Alexandru Dima
  • Ali Emami Kopaei
  • Alkiviadis Kanakis-Pegios
  • Ankan Sur
  • Anthea Francesca Fantina
  • Antoine Pfaff
  • Armen Sedrakian
  • Arsenia Chorozidou
  • Arus Harutyunyan
  • Aziz Rabhi
  • Bestin James
  • Bhavna Adwani
  • Bikram Pradhan
  • Brendan Reed
  • Chiranjib Mondal
  • Clara Dehman
  • Cole Miller
  • Collin Capano
  • David Alvarez Castillo
  • David Barba-González
  • David Blaschke
  • Davide Guerra
  • Davood Rafiei Karkevandi
  • Debarati Chatterjee
  • Diana Alvear Terrero
  • Enrico Catalano
  • Eva Lope
  • Fatemeh Nouri
  • Flavia Nacu
  • Francesca Gulminelli
  • Gerard Navó
  • Gerd Röpke
  • Guilherme Grams
  • Gyula Fodor
  • György Wolf
  • Habib Yousefi Dezdarani
  • Hanieh Karimi
  • Hanu Elena-Oana
  • Helena Pais
  • Hoa Dinh Thi
  • Hossein Fatheddin
  • Jakub Jankowski
  • Jakub Skowronski
  • James Corkish
  • Javad ShoaE Gharehbagh
  • Javad ShoaE Gharehbagh
  • Javid Ziaei
  • Jianchun Yin
  • Jorge Morales
  • Kamil Sokołowski
  • Keerthana Rajan L
  • Kirill Kraav
  • Konstantin Maslov
  • krishna aryal
  • Lami Suleiman
  • Laura Becerra
  • Lilit Grigoryan
  • Loïc Perot
  • Luciano Rezzolla
  • Ludwik Turko
  • Ludwik Turko
  • Madalina Miloi
  • Mahboubeh Shahrbaf M.
  • Marco Calza
  • Martin Nava-Callejas
  • Mateusz Cierniak
  • Michail Chabanov
  • Michał Marczenko
  • Miquel Miravet
  • Mohammad Javad Kamali Ashtiani
  • Mohammad Javad Kamali Ashtiani
  • Mohammad Reza Jangrouei
  • Mohammadhossein Namdar
  • Mohsen Bigdeli
  • Muhammet Taha Sungur
  • Narine Gevorgyan
  • Natalia Dunina-Barkovskaya
  • Nicolas Moraga
  • Niels-Uwe Bastian
  • Nikolay Shchechilin
  • Noshad Khosravi Largani
  • Oleksii Ivanytskyi
  • Oliver Just
  • Polychronis Koliogiannis
  • Prasanta Char
  • Rashid Riahi
  • Sagun Violetta
  • Siddharth Parashari
  • Simon Liebing
  • Somdutta Ghosh
  • Soroush Shakeri
  • Stefan Tiberiu Kis
  • Suprovo Ghosh
  • Syed Umair Naqvi
  • Theodoros Soultanis
  • Tiago Custódio
  • Tobias Fischer
  • Tuğba Boztepe
  • Udita Shukla
  • Valentin Allard
  • Valentin Allard
  • Valeriya Mykhaylova
  • Vladlen Afonin
  • Yuliya Mutafchieva
  • Zuzana Turoňová