18-24 February 2018
Geovita Conference Centre
Europe/Warsaw timezone


Winter Schools of Theoretical Physics

Institute of Theoretical Physics of the University of Wroclaw has been organizing Winter Schools for over 50 years. They started in 1964 and they evolved with time into a well-known international event. The idea of the School is to invite leading physicists from all over the world and give a series of lectures focused on a selected topic. The coming event will be held in Lądek Zdrój - one of the oldest health resorts in Europe.

Title: Simplicity of Complexity in Economic and Social Systems

Website: http://ift.uni.wroc.pl/~karp2018/

Venue: Geovita Conference Centre, Ladek Zdrój, ul. Graniczna 14, Poland

When: 18 - 24th February 2018

Registration: early (until January 14th, 2018) and late (from January 15th, 2018)

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Timetable: download programme

Scope: School will cover a broad range of theoretical aspects connected to econophysics, sociophysics, and complex systems, in particular:

  • Complex adaptive systems in economics and social phenomena
  • Agent-based modeling and networks
  • Fractal and multifractal tools in finance
  • Risk management and portfolio analysis 
  • Complex networks
  • Models of market dynamics
  • Financial time series analysis
  • Conflicts' dynamics

Invited lecturers

  • Marcel Ausloos (Leicester)
  • Janusz Hołyst (Warszawa)
  • Joseph Indekeu (Leuven)
  • Ladislav Kristoufek (Prague)
  • Ryszard Kutner (Warszawa)
  • Rosario Mantegna (Palermo)
  • Paweł Oświęcimka (Kraków)
  • Boris Podobnik (Rijeka)
  • Katarzyna Sznajd-Weron (Wrocław)
  • Marek Szydłowski (Kraków)
  • Hideki Takayasu (Tokyo)

Poster session

A competition for the best poster will be organized during the poster sessions.

Final results:

  1. Marcin Wątorek (Institute of Nuclear Physics,Polish Academy of Sciences, Kraków)
  2. Arkadiusz Jędrzejewski (Wrocław University of Science and Technology)
  3. Wojciech Radosz (Wrocław University of Science and Technology) 


  • Ministry of Science and Higher Education
  • Polish Physical Society
  • University of Wroclaw - Faculty of Physics and Astronomy
  • Foundation of Winter Schools of Theoretical Physics


  • Institute of Theoretical Physics University of Wroclaw
  • Polish Physical Society - section: "Physics in Economy and Social Sciences" (FENS)

Scientific Committee

  • prof. Marcel Ausloos (University of Leicester)
  • prof. Stanisław Drożdż (Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences, Kraków)
  • prof. Dariusz Grech - Chairman of Conference (University of Wrocław)
  • prof. Janusz Hołyst (Warsaw University of Technology)
  • doc. dr. Ladislav Kristoufek (Charles University in Prague)
  • prof. Ryszard Kutner (University of Warsaw)
  • prof. Rosario N. Mantegna (Central European University & Palermo University)
  • prof. Tiziana Di Matteo (King's College London)
  • dr hab. Janusz Miśkiewicz (University of Wrocław)
  • prof. Boris Podobnik (University of Rijeka, ZSEM)
  • prof. Didier Sornette (ETH Zurich)
  • prof. Katarzyna Sznajd-Weron (Politechnika Wrocławska)
  • prof. Hideki Takayasu (Sony Computer Science Laboratory & Meiji University)
  • prof. Misako Takayasu (Tokyo University of Technology)
  • prof. Wei-Xing Zhou (East China University of Science and Technology)

Organizing Committee

  • Dariusz Grech (chairman)
  • Janusz Miśkiewicz
  • Remigiusz Durka
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