Various faces of QCD

from Friday, 26 April 2024 (14:00) to Sunday, 28 April 2024 (20:00)
Rzewuski Hall

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26 Apr 2024
27 Apr 2024
28 Apr 2024
Plenary Session - Pok Man Lo (University of Wroclaw) (until 10:30) (Rzewuski Hall)
09:00 Theory ↔ experiment - what comes first (for low energy mesons)? - Robert Kaminski (Institute of Nuclear Physics PAS)   (Rzewuski Hall)
09:25 Some large-Nc faces of QCD in the medium - Francesco Giacosa (Jan Kochanowski University - Kielce)   (Rzewuski Hall)
09:50 Attractors in QGP dynamics - Michał Spaliński   (Rzewuski Hall)
10:15 Mass And Possible Quantum Numbers of X (6900) - Morgan Kuchta   (Rzewuski Hall)
Group Photo + Coffee Break (until 11:00) (Rzewuski Hall)
Plenary Session - Pok Man Lo (University of Wroclaw) (until 12:20) (Rzewuski Hall)
11:00 Proton's structure and entanglement entropy - Krzysztof Kutak   (Rzewuski Hall)
11:25 Nucleon structure from lattice QCD - Krzysztof Cichy (Adam Mickiewicz University)   (Rzewuski Hall)
11:50 Diffractive top pair production at LHC with forward detectors - Daniel Ernani Martins Neto (IFJ-PAN)   (Rzewuski Hall)
12:05 Overview of ATLAS forward proton detectors: status, performance and new physics results - Pragati Patel   (Rzewuski Hall)
Plenary Session - Pasi Huovinen (until 11:00) (Rzewuski Hall)
09:00 Femtoscopy at various $\mu_B$ - Hanna Zbroszczyk   (Rzewuski Hall)
09:25 Studies of baryonic matter properties at FAIR - Piotr Salabura   (Rzewuski Hall)
09:50 Glasma properties from a proper time expansion - Margaret Carrington   (Rzewuski Hall)
10:15 Jet quenching in glasma - Stanisław Mrówczyński   (Rzewuski Hall)
10:40 Fluctuations of baryon number at finite temperature and magnetic field - Michał Szymański   (Rzewuski Hall)
Group Photo + Coffee Break (until 11:30) (Rzewuski Hall)
Plenary Session - Michał Marczenko (University of Wrocław) (until 13:00) (Rzewuski Hall)
11:30 Modelling choices in Multi-fluid dynamical descriptions of low energy heavy ion collisions - Clemens Werthmann   (Rzewuski Hall)
11:45 Role of Strangeness in Neutron Stars - Mahboubeh Shahrbaf   (Rzewuski Hall)
12:00 Effect of color superconductivity on QCD phase diagram - Udita Shukla   (Rzewuski Hall)
12:15 Production rate of charm quarks in hot QCD - Valeriya Mykhaylova   (Rzewuski Hall)
12:30 Quark deconfinement in compact stars through sexaquark condensation - Oleksii Ivanytskyi   (Rzewuski Hall)
12:45 Simulations of massive star explosion driven by a first-order QCD phase transition: Neutrino signal and gravitational wave mode analysis - Noshad Khosravi Largani   (Rzewuski Hall)
Opening (until 15:15) (Rzewuski Hall)
Plenary Session - Chihiro Sasaki (University if Wroclaw) (until 17:25) (Rzewuski Hall)
15:15 Omega and Delta baryons -- old friends and new physics - Stefan Leupold   (Rzewuski Hall)
15:45 Observation of nonequilibrium effects in collective flow - Piotr Bożek   (Rzewuski Hall)
16:10 Thermal model description of matter produced in the few-GeV energy regime - Radosław Ryblewski (Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences)   (Rzewuski Hall)
16:35 Quantum effects in the fireball and nontrivial vacuum - Leonardo Tinti   (Rzewuski Hall)
16:50 Gravitational form factors of the pion: lattice QCD meets meson dominance - Wojciech Broniowski (UJK & IFJ PAN)   (Rzewuski Hall)
Wine & Cheese (until 20:00) (Rzewuski Hall)
Lunch (until 13:50) (Rzewuski Hall)
Ludwik Fest - Krzysztof Redlich (University of Wroclaw) (until 15:50) (Rzewuski Hall)
13:50 Early days of Ludwik Turko at ITP in sixties and seventies - Jerzy Lukierski   (Rzewuski Hall)
14:10 Experimental studies of the diagram of strongly interacting matter - Maciej Lewicki   (Rzewuski Hall)
14:40 Diagram of high-energy nuclear collisions - Marek Gaździcki   (Rzewuski Hall)
15:10 Mott dissociation in the hadron resonance gas and the onset of deconfinement - David Blaschke (University of Wroclaw & JINR Dubna)   (Rzewuski Hall)
15:30 TBA - Ludwik Turko   (Rzewuski Hall)
Group Photo + Coffee Break (until 16:20) (Rzewuski Hall)
Plenary Session - David Blaschke (University of Wroclaw & JINR Dubna) (until 17:50) (Rzewuski Hall)
16:20 Future studies of photon-photon scattering in ultraperipheral heavy ion collisions - Antoni Szczurek   (Rzewuski Hall)
16:45 Polarization of spin-1/2 particles with effective spacetime dependent masses - Wojciech Florkowski   (Rzewuski Hall)
17:10 Spin Polarization in Heavy Ion Collisions - Asaad Daher   (Rzewuski Hall)
17:25 Open charm production cross section from combined LHC experiments - Jacek Otwinowski   (Rzewuski Hall)
Conference Dinner (until 21:00) (Rzewuski Hall)
Closing (until 13:10) (Rzewuski Hall)
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